Silver State Treasures

Montgomery Pass Lodge, Montgomery Pass, NV

Montgomery Pass Hwy. 6 & Hwy. 95

Opened 1953

Closed 1974


TCR# N3276
House Chip

New 1953
$1 HHR

TCR# N5672
House Chip

New 1965
Image Unavailable $5 SQSQRCT

TCR# N7626
House Chip
Small $5

New 1953

TCR# V2017
House Chip
Large $5

New 1953
$5 HHR

TCR# V1167
House Chip

New 1965

TCR# N8805
House Chip

New 1953
Courtesy Terry Shaffer SQSQRCT Table Fish
N3275.bk Black Green - Shown
N3275.nv Navy
N3275.or. Orange
N3275.pi Pink
N3275.rd Red Yellow
New 1953
Image Unavailable Plain Jackpot
V9186 Beige
V9187 Blue

New 1950's

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