Silver State Treasures

Eastside Cannery, Las Vegas, NV

Location was previously Nevada Palace

5255 Boulder Hwy.

Opened 08/28/08

Closed No

$1 RHC

TCR# E7067
House Chip

New 2008
$5 RHC

TCR# E7068
House Chip

New 2008
$25 RHC

TCR# E7069
House Chip

New 2008
$100 RHC

TCR# E7853
House Chip

New 2008
$500 RHC

TCR# E7854
House Chip

More Purple than shown

New 2008
$1000 RHC

TCR# E7855
House Chip

New 2008
No Cash Value
$25 Sun

TCR# E7858
House Chip

Courtesy Mark Grumet
New 2008
Image Unavailable Sun Roulette Table A - Brown
E6833.fu - Fuchsia - Gray
E6833.lbl - Lt. Blue
E6833.oc - Ochre
E6833.or - Orange
E6833.pu - Purple

New 2008
Sun Roulette Table B - Brown
E6834.fu - Fuchsia - Gray
E6834.lbl - Lt. Blue
E6834.oc - Ochre
E6834.or - Orange
E6834.pu - Purple

Courtesy Gene Trimble
New 2008

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